9. March 2020 Updates

There has been quite a few updates this month! Below is a summary of all that’s new in the game, and what’s being worked on moving forward.

But first off an announcement for those who missed it: Core Decay now has a Steam page, and can be wishlisted! Check it out here: Core Decay on Steam

And now onto last month’s additions, improvements and updates:

Original soundtrack

I’m happy to announce that Nicolai Patricio has joined the team as the composer of the game’s musical score! Nicolai is an accomplished composer who has worked on projects such as Mortal Kombat X, Hitman 2016, Total War: Thrones of Britannia and Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, and I’m very excited to hear what he will be creating to elevate the atmosphere and immersion of Core Decay far beyond what I could accomplish myself!

Keypads and keycodes

Keypads offer some depth to level exploration aside from the blue/yellow/red clearance sectors that already exist in the game. Both storage containers and doors can be equipped with a keypad which takes a numeric code between 1 and 9 digits – some of them are static and some are randomized per playthrough. Keycodes are generally found in left behind notes and logs, but can also sometimes be deduced through clues in the environment. On PC, keycodes can be entered using either the keyboard or mouse.

I’m exploring the idea of also damaging the player slightly when an incorrect code is entered, though not fully decided on that yet.

Mine Layer

The Mine Layer weapon is now fully implemented! It fires proximity mines that attach to walls and objects, and detonate when enemies are nearby. If fired directly at an enemy or destructible object it functions as a grenade launcher – so it’s quite versatile!

It uses explosive ammunition, and consumes ammunition at half the rate of the missile launcher. It can receive one of two upgrades:

  • Tripwire Modification: Rather than exploding when enemies are nearby, any mines within a certain distance now link together using laser beams. If an enemy crosses the beam, regardless of their distance to the mine, they take heavy damage. If an enemy gets very close to a mine, it still explodes even if the laser wire is not crossed.
  • EMP Charges: Mines now contain EMP charges rather than explosive ones. While still consuming explosive ammo, these mines do not damage enemies but rather disable them entirely for a period of time. This makes them much more suitable to be used against larger, powerful enemies.

Blacksite level progress

Serge has been working at new areas of the ‘Blacksite’ level which features a secret prison complex. This level will appear in the second half of the game, as the player pays it a visit in order to unravel the secrets of the nefarious Rasa Protocol.

This month, the prison courtyard has been completed and work is progressing towards the sewer sections!

New weapon/ammo HUD

The HUD has received an update which has a unique look for each weapon and visually shows the ammunition remaining – this makes it easier to see remaining ammo at a glance and also looks a lot more visually interesting.

Oxygen and drowning

The player now has an oxygen meter which depletes while underwater – once it has run out entirely, the player takes continuous damage until they resurface. Cybernetic upgrades let the player increase the duration they can stay underwater and reduce the damage taken – or even become able to breathe underwater indefinitely.

Assault Rifle Progress

Progress has continued on the next weapon to be implemented – the name is pending but it’s an assault rifle-style weapon and will serve as the player’s most reliable firearm, effective at most ranges and in most situations.

Unlike most Core Decay weapons, the assault rifle uses hitscan projectiles (i.e. shots instantly hit your target and the projectiles don’t actually take time to travel), making it very useful to hit enemies far away or fast moving targets.

This weapon can be upgraded to fire faster the longer you hold the trigger, or to make shots penetrate enemies to hit others behind the original target.

Patreon Support

This month (and the month prior), your support has helped pay for a Steam page, which will be extremely useful moving forward. Any upcoming support will go towards additional license and legal fees, which is hugely appreciated! Thank you all!

If you are interested in backing this game on Patreon, you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/coredecay

What’s Next

Next month, the focus will be on improving combat! The new assault rifle-style weapon will be completed and new enemy types will be introduced to make combat a lot more interesting. In addition to this, the dialogue and narrative system will be refined, and computer terminals added.

Until next time!