10. April 2020 Updates

Lots of new content and mechanics made it into the game this month! Below is a summary of all that’s new in the game, and what’s being worked on moving forward.

Accelerator Weapon

The Accelerator is an assault rifle with a portable nuclear reactor, ejecting its fallout into containment clips and capable of firing even when out of ammo… at great risk!

This weapon is intended to fill the role of the player’s most versatile firearm. It is effective at most ranges, and can fall back to an ammo-less firing mode if the situation calls for it. Since combat in Core Decay is receiving a larger overhaul right now, it was important to add in a weapon that was a bit more of a baseline tool.

This weapon also sees the introduction of an actual hand holding weapons, which has been something missing in the past!

Main Menu Update

The game’s main menu has been polished a bit to add some polish to the game. Still far from the final product, it nonetheless looks a bit more immersive now!

As a new save/load system gets implemented, a manual load button will also be added, and possibly some other game features will call for more UI later on, but as of now it does all it needs to.

Computer Terminals

This addition fleshes out level exploration a huge amount. Computer terminals can be accessed to read conversations that detail the storyline, reveal a keycode, or just offers some lore. Additionally, some terminals let you control doors, turret and enemies – making them very valuable to access!

Terminals can be password protected, and some contain very valuable information! To access protected terminals, the player can either find the password, use an automatic hacking tool, or hack it manually if having the required implant.

The UI of the terminals took quite some time to implement but is designed to mimic an imaginary operating system – complete with boot sounds, hard drive read/write noises, startup screens and more!

In addition to the terminals themselves, datapads were also added to the game – small handheld devices just containing a single test message, spread around the levels.

Voiced Conversations

The old Comlink system has been removed and replaced with realtime voice-acted conversations. This increases immersion hugely while still allowing the player to provide interactive, branching answers.

Throughout the majority of the game you are guided along by a mysterious benefactor, and the continuous communication throughout levels will add to the atmosphere quite a bit!


Stationary turrets are now in the game – they are quite challenging to face in combat, so finding a terminal to shut them down or finding a path around them is strongly advised!

What’s Next

Next month will focus on implementing the Ascendant, a cybernetic post-human species that plays a major role in the storyline and also makes up the bulk of the game’s enemy forces.