Core Decay is an upcoming retro FPS for PC and mobile. Explore derelict facilities, uncover a vast conspiracy, install cybernetic upgrades as you gain levels, and find a wealth of unique weapons and powerups in an old-school shooter inspired by the classics of the late 90s.

Face a dying Earth

The year is 2089. For decades past, the availability of natural resources has declined to the point of societal collapse. Nations are governed by corporations, and the planet is on the brink of an ecological collapse that will leave nothing left alive.

During mankind’s last breath arises a shadowy network of conspirators, bent on saving the human species using any means necessary – even if it means sacrificing all it means to be alive.

Follow the trails of a mysterious organization across a dying Earth, in an atmospheric singleplayer adventure over 11 levels.

Abandon your humanity

You are an anomaly. Waking up in a cold storage pod with little recollection of your past, you find yourself far less human than you remember – and far more of a machine.

With strange but powerful new abilities, you are forced to either embrace your new self or fight to retain your humanity.

Upgrade yourself with game-changing cybernetic modifications as you explore levels, defeat enemies, and gain experience.

Battle for survival

Leave a wake of destruction as you travel across mysterious installations left behind by the ominous Contingency Accord, and turn their own weapons against them as you trigger facility-wide reactor core meltdowns.

As you traverse vast, deadly facilities, you will come across powerful armaments – experimental weapons long since forgotten, and unrivaled in power.

Use an arsenal of 8 unique, upgradeable weapons as you battle both security robotics and the remnants of experiments gone horribly wrong.

Meet the dev team

Ivar Hill

Lead Developer

Ivar Hill has worked in the game industry for many years, and developed Core Decay as a solo project for two years until expanding the team in January 2020. Ivar manages the overall development of the game and is responsible for the majority of game design, art, programming, writing, and game features.

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Serge Jaeken

Level Designer

Serge Jaeken is a long-time retro games fan and has been making maps for various old-school shooters like Doom, Quake and Unreal. The art style in Core Decay is right up his alley and you will often see his love for old-school games shine through in the levels he makes for the game.

Website | Youtube | Twitch | Twitter

Nicolai Patricio


Nicolai Patricio is a music composer and a huge fan of video games. Early on he decided to combine his passions and devote his life to the craft of composing music for this media. In the search for new and inspiring projects, he found Core Decay and is now enthusiastically working on the project, helping to bring its world to life.

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James Doyle


James Doyle is a 3D artist and 2018 graduate of the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. He has a deep passion for indie games, fostered through playing titles like Minecraft, Starbound, and FTL. An avid pixel artist and low poly enthusiast, he is excited to be involved with Core Decay and bring more art to life!

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Nikolas Klein

Technical Designer

Nikolas Klein is a Game Designer by heart. He loves immersive sims such as BioShock or Prey, and wants to bring the experiences he had there into Core Decay. As a Technical Designer, he is excited to work on the gameplay, weapon feel and enemies and deliver a satisfying experience for the player.

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Beta in 2020

Core Decay will release an open beta in 2020. Follow the project on Twitter, Patreon, Reddit and Discord to stay notified of any updates!

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